Seller Regulations

Last modified on 18 April, 2022

X5P has been committed to continuously vetting the sellers on the platform. The standards are as follows. One is the entry audit for the first time sellers who have settled on the platform. And the other is the long-term risk control audit for the sellers who have been trading on X5P for a long time to ensure that all sellers on the platform are in compliance at any time, which protects the rights and interests of buyers and players.

Regulation on Entry Audit:
1. Must be at least 18 years old to register as a seller. If you are a minor, you must obtain permission from your parent or legal guardian.
2. We will verify the certificates of some sellers with high-risk during transaction.
3. Sellers registered in sensitive countries/regions will not be approved, such as Iran, North Korea, etc.

Regulation on Risk Control Audit:
1. Risk Control of the Settlement Cycle
X5P extends the settlement cycle with the seller to 5 days to protect the buyer’s rights and interests.
2. Complaint Rate
The seller shall be punished if the complaint rate against him reaches 3% or beyond, if worse, the seller’s access will be denied.
3. Abnormal transaction amount
X5P closely monitors the seller's account with abnormal increase in transaction amount in the short term, and will conduct account review and even restrict account transactions when necessary.

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